"Features & Activities", that helps to grow children well with all educational as well as cultural growth so, they can lead in every scope of life showing their hidden traits.
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Qualified, experienced, trained, innovative, caring & extremely patient teachers.
Spacious playground with all outdoor game kit.
Free play approach based on project methodology.
We provide an opportunity for children to explore and interact.
Serve hot, delicious and nutritious food everyday.
Quality education with devotion, discipline and obedience.
High moral and social values through various curricular activities.
Encouragement to take part in all sports activities.
Lots of educational play toys for children.
Beautifully arranged annual function every year.
Counselling for parents on child related topics, e.g. child diet, child psychology, child parent relationship etc.
Raksha Bandhan
Independence Day
Ganesh Chaturthi
Dahi Handi
Diwali Party
Christmas Party
Grand Parent Day
Fancy Dress
Annual Gathering
Parent Counselling
Field Visit
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